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the earth


Like Zappos#2

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After comparing many companies use of social media to Zappos use social media, I can see why it is ranked one of the best.  Another company that uses social media well, but not as well as Zappos is Overstock.com. Overstock.com uses a few social media sites such as Facebook, Pintrest, twitter, Youtube, a mobile app, and the Overstock community. Again many of these social media channels are used to promote product with the exception of the Overstock Community. The Overstock Community is used for registered users to communicate with others by the use of forums and blogs. Like Zappos Overstock.com uses many different social media platforms and channels, but there was little user interaction. Zappos used contests, page sharing and blogs to keep the interest of their consumers. Overstock.com does not use any of those methods to keep its consumers interest or customer satisfaction. Hopefully that will change in the future or a better company will come along and take over.

Like Zappos #1

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One website I feel does a good job of utilizing social media marketing is the Home Shopping Network. HSN.com uses many social media sites as well as social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, pintrest, blogs, youtube, rss feeds and mobile apps. Like Zappos, the Home shopping Network has succeeded in pushing its products. As an online shopper being able to view the product(s) I’am interested in at anytime on any media is important. It is also the number one goal for online retailers to gain a profit. I feel hsn.com does an excellent job in that department, but I feel it does not have customer satisfaction as another main goal like Zappos. Through all of the media used all I saw was products, I did not see any communication from the company or user interaction. For example hsn.com uses its twitter account to promote more product, not for customer/user/company interaction. Over all I think hsn.com uses its social media channels well for product promotion, but needs to focus on customer satisfaction.

Youtube Marketing

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For this weeks assignment I selected three videos that describe good marketing.  The first video I found helpful with this topic  is more of a general idea of how internet marketing should function.  The Internet Marketing Strategies Flowchart video explains an effective strategy that makes online marketing successful. It shows the interaction between different components and the flow it should carry.

The next video I found helpful with this topic is Internet Marketing. I found this video interesting because it went over some of the mistakes in marketing and gives alternative suggestions. The video also gives a brief intro to using lists and conversions to gain sales.

As mentioned in the flow chart above content  is what keeps users/consumers coming back to the website and therefore is extremely important. In the video, Website marketing strategy, developing good content is discussed. I agree with the information that was discussed and think being precise and direct in your statements is more powerful then writing a bunch of “fluff”. It also suggests to use photos and interesting headings to make it more appealing.

After some research into what would make a “good Youtube video” , I found this video titled Youtube Optimization Techniques from Matthew Liu of Youtube. He discusses tips for using several features of Youtube such as the SEO and using the correct keywords for optimal search responses. He also stresses the point of community over different platforms and user activities such as ratings and comments.


Google+ vs Facebook and stuff

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For this weeks assignment we were asked to rate/evaluate three websites on how they market using facebook. I personally dont really look at businesses pages on facebook, I use it for social media, so this was new for me. I picked three facebook pages to examine that I would usually got to the web sites for. I must say I was kind of disappointed in what I saw. The first page i visited was the Cleveland Zoological Society.  The photos where nice and it did have event listings, but I was kind of disappointed in the lack of any kind of user interaction. I expected there to be a like a zoo trivia or fun facts, but nothing to add that extra appeal. And for that reason I rate this site as the least effective. The next page I visited was  Playstation. Again the photos were nice, there was a lot of promotional artwork for the games , but there was no user interaction. I thought they might have a community where users could exchange data about games, but it was only updated information. I also give this page a low rating in its effectiveness for no user interaction. The next page I visited was Spotify. In my opinion this was the best page of the three. Spotify, which is just a free online music application, has more user interaction on its page then the two previous very profitable companies mentioned earlier. Users are encouraged to share music with other users, to play a music trivia game, and can see what others are listening to. It also keeps the audiences attention by posting random songs from random artists. It posts artists photos and any new information that may be associated with them. I know I enjoy page almost as much as the application and for that I liked them.

On to the next topic of discussion, Google+ vs Facebook. Both social media sites have several commonalities such as events, games and friends. However Google+ has came up with a great marketing scheme its called EXPLORE. Its actually a really cool feature built right in to your social network.  It gives the opportunity for companies to promote themselves and for people to randomly surf the internet or what is on Google(which is everything,lol).

Crowd Sourcing

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When I first heard the word “Crowd Sourcing” I immediately associated it with “Crowd Surfing” which I believe have a few similarities. Both require a team effort, have a goal and if an individual does not participate that doesn’t necessarily result in failure.

Here is the link to my selected slide presentation titled Crowd Sourcing. I believe that this slide presentation really gives a much more detailed description of what crowd sourcing is and can do. It gives examples of companies and products that have already been for lack of a better word, crowd sourced. It stresses the point of how effective input data, planning and communication can be when used properly. I think this slide presentation agrees with Mr. Zellers presentation, but it really drove the point home for me.

I like this assignment. I did not realize how many things were created by crowd sourcing. I think that the way we are supposed to do this assignment is actually pretty cool too. We use a crowd sourced site to find information on crowd sourcing , then use social media to discuss. It all ties in with our class 🙂

As far as making changes to our semester project, the first thing that comes to mind is crowd sourcing. I think it would be cool if we were assigned teams and all collaborated together on the final project. However, I’ am not a teacher and not sure how that would all work out. The second thing that comes to mind is a contingency plan. I don’t think that can ever be stressed enough. Hence Mr. Zellers Dilbert clip. I feel as more information is  needed in order to make better suggestions at this time.

Yes I do feel it is effective to allow students to suggest changes. We are the ones who use the material.I also think that it is always important to consider feedback from others to make something better. That is how many things evolve.



Marshall Mcluhan

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Marshall McLuhan? A theorist, a specialist, a professor,a scientist, the Nostradamus of technology? Maybe a little bit of each, in my opinion. Marshall McLuhan was an English literature professor who also studied social communications and technology.  He is also known for predicting the internet before it was heard of. He theorizes about technology, media  and social communications. How these aspects shape our societies and individual characteristics. As far as being a version of Nostradamus, I think he made a very well educated and researched guess in the general prediction of technology and social trends.

Marshall is also known for the tetrad. The tetrad is more like a structure for mediums and their effect on human behavior. The tetrad consists of four basic components including; enhance, reverse, retrieve, and obsolesce. Enhance, what can the medium make better? Reverse, what are some of the reverse(potentially bad) outcomes the medium could incur? Retrieve, what can the medium restore in a new direction? Obsolesce, what will become a technology that will be replaced?

I found this blog when trying to further understand how to apply the tetrad to different mediums. When applying the tetrad to social media and social media marketing I found various results in various aspects. Social Media – enhance: communication, reverse:poor communication, retrieve: community, obsolesce: instant messaging. Social Media Marketing- enhance: the ability to market to the world,  reverse: bad marketing, retrieve: audience, obsolesce: flyers. Those are my results, I do believe they can be more then just these results. And I believe that is the point.

I think the tetrad is an extremely useful tool when building a social media/marketing site. I think it is innovating in a way, it helps you to challenge your own ideas and think outside the box.