Effective Social Media Marketing

This weeks blog is about what makes effective social media marketing.  In my opinion the 5 most effective social media marketing aspects is as follows; user interaction, real time interaction, multimedia, utilizing several social media sites, and keeping a professional image.

User interaction is what keeps consumers coming back to a site and buying/using  products or services. With out user interaction user traffic would decline and the company may not be as profitable. User interaction would include contests, giveaways , daily specials and special discounts. Anything that motivates the user to look at a companys’ website is effective. One excellent example of this is Healthy Choice had a “progression coupon”  they posted on their facebook page , the coupon started out at 75 cents and with every “like”  the coupon went up. ” In just a few weeks, Healthy Choice’s fan count grew from just under 7,000 to over 60,000″  according to an article by  Lauren Sorenson titled 5 Awesome Examples of Engaging Social Media Campaigns.  The progression coupon also combined real time and user interaction to keep the consumers interest. It made the users engage with each other sharing the page, then allowing friends to see it , liking it and at the end get a coupon for themselves. Real time connections and interactions were crucial in making the the progression coupon a success. A lot of  companies use real time connections to allow consumers to voice their opinions on merchandise, such as overstock.com, which helps bring a personal feel to the online shopping world.

Multimedia and the usage of  different  social media websites are two more effective aspects of social media marketing.  Companies that use various types of multimedia in their campaigns often gain an advantage over those who do not. For example Gina Desantis  and Bob Peck would not be able to promote their artwork as well if they could not show any of their work to prospective students or clients. Choosing the right multimedia to promote products is extremely important to how effective the site can be. Not only does the proper use of multimedia come to play, so does using several social media sites. In all the articles I read for this assignment the companies/people used several social media sites. And yes facebook was mentioned in everyone of them, lol.  Eva Lucien and David Gutowski realize that in order to gain more exposure the use of different social media sites would be more effective.

Keeping it professional is another effective or ineffective aspect of social media marketing. Many companies can gain bad exposure by using social media sloppily. For example McDonalds started a new campaign on twitter. The campaign “#McDonaldsStories” was supposed to allow users to tell there favorite Mcdonalds stories, instead users were posting bad reviews and ill comments resulting in bad exposure. The campaign was unavoidably shut down. Another example of unprofessional behavior is when companies use social media to spam users. For example  the “#CamryEffect” campaign, was spamming prospective customers to try to gain sales. This campaign failed shortly.



~ by confusedkarma on September 11, 2012.

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