Crowd Sourcing

When I first heard the word “Crowd Sourcing” I immediately associated it with “Crowd Surfing” which I believe have a few similarities. Both require a team effort, have a goal and if an individual does not participate that doesn’t necessarily result in failure.

Here is the link to my selected slide presentation titled Crowd Sourcing. I believe that this slide presentation really gives a much more detailed description of what crowd sourcing is and can do. It gives examples of companies and products that have already been for lack of a better word, crowd sourced. It stresses the point of how effective input data, planning and communication can be when used properly. I think this slide presentation agrees with Mr. Zellers presentation, but it really drove the point home for me.

I like this assignment. I did not realize how many things were created by crowd sourcing. I think that the way we are supposed to do this assignment is actually pretty cool too. We use a crowd sourced site to find information on crowd sourcing , then use social media to discuss. It all ties in with our class 🙂

As far as making changes to our semester project, the first thing that comes to mind is crowd sourcing. I think it would be cool if we were assigned teams and all collaborated together on the final project. However, I’ am not a teacher and not sure how that would all work out. The second thing that comes to mind is a contingency plan. I don’t think that can ever be stressed enough. Hence Mr. Zellers Dilbert clip. I feel as more information is  needed in order to make better suggestions at this time.

Yes I do feel it is effective to allow students to suggest changes. We are the ones who use the material.I also think that it is always important to consider feedback from others to make something better. That is how many things evolve.




~ by confusedkarma on September 25, 2012.

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