Google+ vs Facebook and stuff

For this weeks assignment we were asked to rate/evaluate three websites on how they market using facebook. I personally dont really look at businesses pages on facebook, I use it for social media, so this was new for me. I picked three facebook pages to examine that I would usually got to the web sites for. I must say I was kind of disappointed in what I saw. The first page i visited was the Cleveland Zoological Society.  The photos where nice and it did have event listings, but I was kind of disappointed in the lack of any kind of user interaction. I expected there to be a like a zoo trivia or fun facts, but nothing to add that extra appeal. And for that reason I rate this site as the least effective. The next page I visited was  Playstation. Again the photos were nice, there was a lot of promotional artwork for the games , but there was no user interaction. I thought they might have a community where users could exchange data about games, but it was only updated information. I also give this page a low rating in its effectiveness for no user interaction. The next page I visited was Spotify. In my opinion this was the best page of the three. Spotify, which is just a free online music application, has more user interaction on its page then the two previous very profitable companies mentioned earlier. Users are encouraged to share music with other users, to play a music trivia game, and can see what others are listening to. It also keeps the audiences attention by posting random songs from random artists. It posts artists photos and any new information that may be associated with them. I know I enjoy page almost as much as the application and for that I liked them.

On to the next topic of discussion, Google+ vs Facebook. Both social media sites have several commonalities such as events, games and friends. However Google+ has came up with a great marketing scheme its called EXPLORE. Its actually a really cool feature built right in to your social network.  It gives the opportunity for companies to promote themselves and for people to randomly surf the internet or what is on Google(which is everything,lol).


~ by confusedkarma on October 17, 2012.

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