Youtube Marketing

For this weeks assignment I selected three videos that describe good marketing.  The first video I found helpful with this topic  is more of a general idea of how internet marketing should function.  The Internet Marketing Strategies Flowchart video explains an effective strategy that makes online marketing successful. It shows the interaction between different components and the flow it should carry.

The next video I found helpful with this topic is Internet Marketing. I found this video interesting because it went over some of the mistakes in marketing and gives alternative suggestions. The video also gives a brief intro to using lists and conversions to gain sales.

As mentioned in the flow chart above content  is what keeps users/consumers coming back to the website and therefore is extremely important. In the video, Website marketing strategy, developing good content is discussed. I agree with the information that was discussed and think being precise and direct in your statements is more powerful then writing a bunch of “fluff”. It also suggests to use photos and interesting headings to make it more appealing.

After some research into what would make a “good Youtube video” , I found this video titled Youtube Optimization Techniques from Matthew Liu of Youtube. He discusses tips for using several features of Youtube such as the SEO and using the correct keywords for optimal search responses. He also stresses the point of community over different platforms and user activities such as ratings and comments.



~ by confusedkarma on October 22, 2012.

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