Like Zappos #1

One website I feel does a good job of utilizing social media marketing is the Home Shopping Network. uses many social media sites as well as social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, pintrest, blogs, youtube, rss feeds and mobile apps. Like Zappos, the Home shopping Network has succeeded in pushing its products. As an online shopper being able to view the product(s) I’am interested in at anytime on any media is important. It is also the number one goal for online retailers to gain a profit. I feel does an excellent job in that department, but I feel it does not have customer satisfaction as another main goal like Zappos. Through all of the media used all I saw was products, I did not see any communication from the company or user interaction. For example uses its twitter account to promote more product, not for customer/user/company interaction. Over all I think uses its social media channels well for product promotion, but needs to focus on customer satisfaction.


~ by confusedkarma on December 10, 2012.

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