Like Zappos#2

After comparing many companies use of social media to Zappos use social media, I can see why it is ranked one of the best.  Another company that uses social media well, but not as well as Zappos is uses a few social media sites such as Facebook, Pintrest, twitter, Youtube, a mobile app, and the Overstock community. Again many of these social media channels are used to promote product with the exception of the Overstock Community. The Overstock Community is used for registered users to communicate with others by the use of forums and blogs. Like Zappos uses many different social media platforms and channels, but there was little user interaction. Zappos used contests, page sharing and blogs to keep the interest of their consumers. does not use any of those methods to keep its consumers interest or customer satisfaction. Hopefully that will change in the future or a better company will come along and take over.


~ by confusedkarma on December 10, 2012.

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